3D Walk-Through

3D Walk-Through & Rendered 360° Tours

A 3D Walk-Through is a series of high-quality spherical panoramic renderings that are Computer Generated Images or CGI allowing viewers to literally Walk Through a home or building that may or may not be built yet. Our Game Changer innovative interactive 3D Walk-Through CGI’s are ahead of their time and the latest in cutting edge technology, they will enable you and your clients to see the interior of a house or building in stunning 3D Imagery, giving you a realistic feel for size, orientation and layout.  You will feel like you are there in person and walking around and exploring the surroundings, colours, textures and features.

Who Can Benefit ?

This cutting edge 3D Rendered Virtual Tour is new technology from Melbourne iTour and allows Melbourne Commercial Project Builders, Home Builders, Architects, Draftspeople, Building Contractors, Building Companies, Apartment Management Companies, Interior Designers and more to provide 3D Tours for Commercial Buildings and Residential Properties for ‘Off The Plan’ Marketing, Selling or Building Projects not yet constructed or ready for our Photographic, Aerial-Drone and 360° Virtual Tour Products to be provided.

How Does it Work?

The 3D Walk-Through creation process begins with creating a 2D Floor Plan. You can supply us an Architectural Floor Plan that we will redraw and convert to the 2D Floor Plan needed or we have a full ‘Onsite Floor Plan Measure Service’ using Laser Precision and qualified Draftspeople. You can customise your design by providing us with colour pallets, drawings, descriptions and design preferences to construct a captivating visual layout to showcase you building concept to your customers.

After your 2D Floor Plan has been processed, Melbourne iTour will then begin the 3D Walk-Through creation process and after 4-6 business days we’ll present you with your finished production along with Web Design support and instructions. It’s that easy. We can also provide you with Aerial Drone Photography throughout the building process, we also offer 3D Animation for a wider community, village or general neighborhood display as well as 3D Floor Plans, Artist Impressions, External 3D Renders and Internal 3D Renders.

3D Walk-Through Sample 1

3D Walk-Through Sample 2