21 Reasons why a Melbourne itour - Virtual Tour ... is a better choice !

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  1. A Melbourne itour VT is easily and fully upgradeable for example: changes in phone numbers and adding minor additional information are at no cost
  2. Most People do not search Google Street View to find a Furniture Store in their area, they usually search Furniture Store Nunawading and go directly to the Website
  3. A Melbourne itour VT can help with search rankings and most websites should have good SEO tactics in place already, our tours have a superior-marketing driven platform
  4. A Melbourne itour VT can support a Multi Player, with an Advanced Photo Slide Show display, Video and several Advanced interactive features on the Tour.. others are limited to only a basic Zoom and Hotspot Function
  5. Melbourne itour is a local Victorian based Business
  6. Melbourne itour can attach an interactive Floor Plan to the Virtual Tour - (with ability to turn this feature on or off)
  7. A Melbourne itour VT is fully transportable and its built in Marketing driven platform for your Home, Business or Service and means you can Email the tour directly to anyone!
  8. A Melbourne itour supports Voice Over, a proven added selling feature of a Virtual Tour (with the ability to turn this feature on or off)
  9. A Melbourne itour supports On Screen Text for your Business... a proven added feature of a Virtual Tour (with ability to turn this feature on or off)
  10. A Melbourne itour VT will play your Virtual Tour Automatically
  11. How many people genuinely want to see the roof and floor of a Business? - Answer = None! Melbourne itour captures what matters most!
  12. Our Photographers are dedicated Professional Full Time Photographers Specialising in Virtual Tours
  13. A Melbourne itour VT supports multiple choices of MP3 Audio Files & Music on the Virtual Tour
  14. A Melbourne itour VT has Lead Capture, obtaining data and details from people viewing your Virtual Tour
  15. A Melbourne itour VT can be downloaded to your desktop or burnt to a disc to play in exactly the same way, even without an internet connection
  16. A Melbourne itour VT can create printable Automatic E-Brochures directly from the tour
  17. A Melbourne itour VT can Automatically create a QR Code on the fly
  18. Melbourne itour will send you weekly comprehensive statistics automatically to monitor your increased website traffic from the Tour, straight to your inbox
  19. Melbourne itour can offer you HD Photos or Video as part of the Virtual Tour for your Home, Business or Service
  20. Melbourne itour can attach Hot Spots with URL Links, Brochures, Menus and additional PDF information to all our Virtual Tours and is a built-in feature
  21. Google Maps, Search and Street View are no longer supported as a standard inbuilt feature on The Apple iphone from Version 5 - 2012

Melbourne itour, are Specialists in creating The New Fusion-State of the Art Virtual Tours and Professional Photography for your Home, Real Estate, Business, Service and Aged Care Facilities. Our fully interactive Virtual Tours feature: Advanced Colour 2D & 3D Floor Plan Designs, 3D Walk-Throughs, Voice Overs, MP3 Files, HD Photos and Images, Advanced Slide Show Presentation, Maps, Satellite Location, Aerial Photography, Brochures, Corporate Branding and are able to be viewed on the Apple iphone and ipad ...plus so much more, they are online 24/7-365 Days of the year!

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